Managed by the Toni family, since the 1960s

A history of hospitality and passion that continues to this day, with an all-female staff

The Toni family’s love of hospitality originated here, in the early 1960s, when the Parioli, before being transformed into an Aparthotel, was a hotel for all the tourists that chose the Riviera as their holiday destination, in those booming years.
Lidia and Curzio were the first generation of hoteliers in the Toni family. They were able to win the trust of their guests, year after year. They passed on the passion for such a fulfilling business to their daughters and grandchildren.
Today, the Hotel Parioli, and the other family-owned hotel, the Litoraneo Suite Hotel, are managed by an all-female team – Daniela, Cristina and Manuela.
Together with them, a valuable all-female staff will take care of your stay at Parioli. Cinzia, Imma and Eleonora courteously and willingly welcome you at the reception and prepare everything for your arrival.
Leda is responsible for the rooms and flats; she is the one who makes every space impeccable, tidy and sanitized.
Lastly, Annamaria is our breakfast angel, the one who greets you every morning with many delicious specialities and gives you the first smile of the day.